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Working groups


The "Coordination Working Group" is the operational management structure of  the network. It meets monthly to manage current affairs and organizes plenary sessions and other events of the network. It is run by Bernard David (CEA).

The "Communication Working Group" produces and supports network's communication. It manages the network's website. It is run by Emmanuelle Jannes-Ober (IRSTEA).

The "International
Working Group" is responsible for developing relationships with foreign partners, especially in Europe. It also facilitates interactions between network members and foreign partners. It is led by Nicolas de Menthière (IRSTEA).

The "Network's
Life" Working Group" is responsible for managing the community of members. It ensures the expansion of the network, welcomes new members and creates links between members and with their home institutions. It is led by Moussa Hoummady (BRGM).