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Foresight and research activities

In the world of research, foresight has similar characteristics with all foresight applications in society, and some specifics related to the fact that a number of applications leading to the development of tools at the same time that works are conducted by using them. Thus, for the world of research, foresight is both a strategic management tool, a tool for conducting research and an object of study and development.

As a tool for strategic management, foresight is mainly used by the general directions of research organizations to explore possible futures and positions to be taken face to the future.

These exercises were particularly interesting in the context of the reform of research and innovation in recent years, leading organizations to explore new configurations of interactions with universities or Competitiveness Clusters using the new instruments created recently in the context of "Investissements d'Avenir" (public investment).

Foresight is widely sought today on the major issues related to the future of our world of finite dimensions: natural resources forecasting, energy forecasting, climate forecasting, etc.. The questions are then often quantitative: Will we be able to feed the world in fifty years? How much will raise the average temperature on earth? Work closely looking then combine research aimed at a better knowledge and understanding of the world and its mechanisms of evolution, and those relating to the mathematical tools to model and simulate these evolutions.